What could have been.

I spotted him as the bus pulled up. He was around six-foot-two, the color of hot chocolate with touch of whip cream. He had broad shoulders, strong hands and a beard I unexpectedly loved. It was neat and framed his face. I instantly thought about how his beard would feel tickling my lips. I was blushing as I walked up to him. It was awkward but no more than to be expected. We were both a little reserved, lots of smiling. I stopped at the hotel and he stayed in the lobby while I went upstairs to freshen up. We decided to head out and catch the tail end of brunch at one of his favorite spots.  Things started to ease up a bit. Unlimited mimosas will help most people get comfortable. The champagne bubbles had me warm and relaxed. By the end of our third drink our friendly banter eased into a familiar yet unknown place.

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