Trinidad Carnival Series! Find all the information in one spot


My hope is that this series of posts will become a one-stop shop for information on planning for Trinidad Carnival. I expect this series to span quite a few parts. So I have created this page for you to see all the links to each part as they post as well as the upcoming parts I have planned. If there are any topics not covered that should be, feel free to list them in the comments! Enjoy and please share. 

So you want to go to Trinidad Carnival next year? Listen up!

Where should I stay?

How will I get there? FLIGHTS!

Costumes Galore! Which band should I play with?

So you have your costume. Now on to the FETES. Where? When? How much?*

Not interested in the planning? Head to a concierge!*

Getting Around in Trinidad*

Monday Wear & Carnival Makeup and more.

What to Pack  and Traveling Tips*

*=not yet published