Natural Deodorant. Which one Really Measures up?

I've been on the natural deodorant quest for a little over a year. I've tried SO many.  If you are wondering why you should consider natural deodorant let me explain why. Let's start with the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant. Antiperspirants help you prevent you from sweating. While this may falsely provide a sense of security it means that your pores are clogged by strong chemicals like aluminum to block sweat. Deodorants work by neutralizing the smell of the sweat and provide an antiseptic component to work against bacteria.  While you may be thinking everything in the deodorant aisle is deodorant most are antiperspirants. 

A common natural agent against neutralizing the smell of sweat is baking soda. You can create your own deodorant mix with baking soda as the active ingredient. You can create a liquid version or a powder. You can add some essential oil for scent as well as for antibacterial properties. 

However, if you are like me, I am super sensitive to baking soda, so I've been on the search for a baking soda free option to buy. A couple of years ago I tried a brand called In Love with Body Care. My underarms were terribly irritated in a matter of days. They burned and itched so bad. Eventually all the skin peeled off and I had to soothe them with corn starch.  So, if you even have an inkling that you are allergic to baking soda read the ingredient labels!  I've tried quite a few so you wouldn't have to. So far it seems you can't go wrong with Schmidt's but you can also see what is on my wish list at the bottom of this post.

Here's a brief review of each:

This is my travel deodorant. I use my fingers or a small stick that I believe they send with it. (That I've long lost) The smell is bright and citrus. This does have baking soda; however, I've found that my body can handle baking soda products under the Schmidt's brand. Also there are unscented options for those who prefer it.  Price $8.99

(Geranium Flower and also Jasmine Tea) I loved the scent of Jasmine Tea. Geranium Flower is good as well but I think the floral aspect can get old quick if you have a sensitive nose. I've found that these do just as well as the regular version despite being baking soda free. I wish the scents were the same across the Sensitive Skin line and regular line. Also, the sensitive skin line is $2 more than the regular line which I find quite annoying.  Price $10.99

This is a good back up deodorant. I find the scent a bit too aggressive, but it is a baking soda free hard gel formula which I like. This might be a good deodorant for heavy gym days where you want the deodorant scent to linger. Price $3.99

Meow Meow now offers sticks as well but at first they only offered the pot option. They also have a baking soda option in Tea Tree and Lavender.  Grapefruit might be my favorite scent out of all the deodorants I've tried. I love this deodorant however I do prefer a stick for everyday use. Price $8.00-14.00

I picked this up at Vitamin Shoppe to meet the minimum pricing for free shipping. The scent is extremely feminine and I loved it instantly. But the love stops there. This deodorant does not last. It will suddenly flip and my natural body scent after sweating does not mix with this deodorant well. It does not have longevity and the scents they use don't last. Another funky mess after a few hours. AVOID Price $6.19

This deodorant is a joke. Tom's should stick to toothpaste. This deodorant is fine if you plan on lying in bed all day. Anything more strenuous than that and you risk being a funky mess. AVOID. Price $4.29

Lone Deodorant Mint

This brand was formerly named In Love with Body Care. The former brand broke my armpits out horribly. I was hesitant to try this new brand, but I gave it a shot. The scent was very good! However I found the texture too moist. In addition, by midday the deodorant would bunch up under my arm and stick painfully to any budding underarm hair. I would have to rub little balls of deodorant from my skin at the end of the day. The formula has definitely improved, but the moistness of the formula is a major drawback. Price $9.50